SmIG - Smart Inundation Gauge

Smart Inundation Gauge

Let Prospect Environmental help drive you to safety!

Ensure those at risk have the right information before they even start their journey.

In Australia, close to 50% of all flood fatalities and 31% of flash flood fatalities are vehicle related.

In fast flowing floodwater (3m/sec) it can take only 15cm of floodwater for a small passenger vehicle to become unstable and forced from the road.

Our SmIG combines leading edge instrumentation & engineer certified infrastructure to deliver vital early warnings. From local smart signs through to driver notification apps we’ve got you covered.

When lives are at risk, you can’t afford compromise.

Industry leading features:

  • RPEQ certified for Wind Region C & Water flows of 1.5m/s

  • Real time hydrographic data analysis

  • Redunant level sensing

  • Remote configuration & secure activation

  • Customisable alarms & trigger points

  • Safe & easy maintenance

  • Platform agnostic supporting a range of protocols & API’s

  • Modular with upgrade pathways - Future proof

  • Rain gauge

  • Street lighting

  • Sirens

  • Flashing beacons

Modular add ons:

  • Camera vision streams

  • Dynamic road signage

  • Boom gates

  • Mass notification solutions