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Our systems save lives - taking our clients and the communities they care for to safety.

Our control platform links threat detection sensors with a full range of sensory technologies for a comprehensive emergency alert system that’s quickly and easily seen or heard.

It maintains absolute, fault-tolerant integrity over every level of physical hardware or geographic location, to ensure reliability always.

Control alerting across buildings, facilities, events or geographic regions, indoors and outdoors, with refined messaging and notifications, all from a command centre that’s as mobile as you are.

  • Cloud enabled Central Control Platforms

  • Best-In-Class Cyber Security

  • Desktop and IoT Alerting

  • Outdoor Warning Sirens

  • Interior Mass Notification Systems

  • Cellular Broadcast Platforms

Protect against

  • Cyclone

  • Flood

  • Bushfire

  • Dam Safety

  • Shark Alert

Grantham Flood Warning System - Voice Siren


Millmerrin Bushfire Warning System - Toowoomba Regional Council