Water over the road events pose one of the greatest threats to the general public. Prospect has developed and activated a range of solutions for providing real time data monitoring of water levels at flood prone crossings. When incorporated with intelligent traffic signage and cloud-based management control systems the tools and information required to effectively navigate any event are instantly available.

Our automated systems alert motorists and stakeholders immediately when water is over the road. Using both flashing beacons and variable message sign panels the status of the road crossing can be made clearly visible to motorists, under any conditions. Where appropriate we can also provide automatically operated Boom Gates to place a physical barrier between a potential risk and the public.

When Flooded Road Warning Systems are equipped with our remote Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera systems, vision can be provided via the web to local authorities. Several local Councils provide public access to these images on council websites, allowing the public to receive relevant safety warnings and make informed decisions about surrounding road conditions before they embark on their journey.

Our systems also allow for automated alarming, enabling managers to make informed decisions and take decisive and confident action when a disaster is imminent.