Remote Monitoring Stations

When accuracy is paramount, Prospect offers a tailor-made solution to ensure assets remain safe, operational and efficient.

Prospect Environmental provides advanced forward-facing solutions, that integrate world leading products to measure, record and transmit data.

We have a proven track record in guiding clients through the maze of available devices to ensure only the best sensors and equipment are selected to guarantee dependability long into the future.

With our professional installation, maintenance and reporting you can be confident that your data is of the highest quality and fully compliant.

Water Quality Station

Surface Water

  • Water quality

  • Level, flow & discharge

  • Automatic sampling

  • Bathymetric surveys

Automated Weather Station

Automated weather stations

  • Temperature & humidity

  • Wind speed & direction

  • Atmospheric pressure & precipitation

  • Solar radiation & evaporation

Bore Monitoring Systems

Ground water

  • Level & recharge

  • Water quality

  • Sampling systems

  • Pump diagnostics & control

Soil Moisture Probes

Soil moisture

  • Track water & solute movement

  • Monitor saturation levels

  • Gauge nutrient leaching

  • Assess contaminant flow